Leistungsprüfung Stufe 1, Deutscher Champion VDH, HD-A1, Augen frei

Storm Kloud's Ccyrus Rex Valae x Mackenzie of Keema's Wolf Pak

*callname Rea*

Züchter: Anita Gabay, Belgien

Rea im Alter von 5 Jahren

30.08.1993 - 21.04.2009


Rea crossed the Rainbow Bridge at the age of 15 years and 8 month. She joins her daughter  Baqou and waits for the rest to join her. She is greatly missed and never far from our thoughts.

She was our foundation female. Rea and her daughter Baqou were my first dogs at my sled and trainingscart. A lot of dogs came and left in this time my team, but Rea was always a part of my team till she was 11 years old.

She was our third malamute, but for me the first.. it was love at the first sight..... 

 Februar 2008, im Alter von  fast 14 ½ Jahren


Januar 2006 mit fast 12 ½ Jahren



Februar 2005 mit 11 ½ Jahren

Tour Spessart, 16. März 2003

Oktober 2002

August 1995

Januar 1994


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Grand Parents

G-Grand Parents



Storm Kloud's Ccyrus Rex Valae Storm Kloud's Keep the Win Storm Kloud's Oomiak Storm Kloud's Ximious Dream Storm Kloud's R'Tic Sun
Timberlane's Nedoosa
Storm Kloud's Hell's Angel Aristeed's Frost Shadow
Polarpaw's Akeela Akamai
Storm Kloud's Ddawn in the North Storm Kloud's Reflection Glacier Storm Kloud
Storm Kloud's Forever Yours
Glacier Lady of Destiny Glacier Storm Kloud
Glacier Trick Shot
Sno Rigde's Special Sugarbear Yukon Kojak II Miskimo's Cinna Man Tote-Um's Hotfoot of Miskimo
Miskimo's Nails
Miskimo's Nails Bar-B-R's Puppy Tu
Astorm Keta Miskimo
Bear Foot Ginger Big Paws Tripple Crown Lorien's Man O War of Sno Ridge
Sugarbear Blue Ice Shadow
White Sled Expeditions Nadia Joker's Wild
Kimo Save V
Mackenzie of Keema's Wolf Pak Cold Valley's Gengiskan

Cold Valley's Erasmu


Ho's Kimo of the North 

 Chibouki of Barnak

Matanuska Abaska Taku

Shamrock's Atataq Taku



Smart Manitu 

Jericho de Ries 


Blue Rhapsody Del Lago Degli Orsi 

 Sugar River Foxfire

 Snokimo's Nakina

Kara of Keema's Wolf Pak

Kiss-Me-Again Del Lago Degli Orsi

Storm Kloud's Follow My Dream 

Storm Kloud's R'Tic Sun 

Storm Kloud's Vvanilla Pudding 

J'-Len's Blue Ice Spirit

J'-Len's Artic Windjammer

Sugarbear Blue Ice Queen

Cold Valley's Iogi-Myjoy 

Cold Valley's Erasmu


Matanusk Abaska Taku

Gossamer Keema

Tigara's Nordisch Kotze Tu 

Gossamer's Nordic Mermaid 

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