Net'Na Goyathlay of Kiyara's Wolf Pak

Geronimo  or Goyathlay ("one who yawns"), was born in 1829 in what is today western New Mexico, but was then still Mexican territory. He was a Bedonkohe Apache (grandson of Mahko) by birth and a Net'Na during his youth and early manhood.

Callname Geronimo, lives in  Netherland with Suka Sequoyah 

HD-A, eyes clear

Westerlo Race 20.10.2013

Geronimo, eine Tochter von ihm + Suka Sequoyah 

Januar 2012



AMCB CAC 2011 am 11.09.2011

offene Klasse, Vorzüglich 1

4 years seal colored with black mask. Masculine head with good padding, well angulated, strong bone, well knit feet Tends to stand east west in front. Moves well, quite parallel. Needs a better forechest to correct his front feet. Excellent coat and condition

Richterin Anne Intergaard, Norwegen




Dezember 2010

04. +05.12.2010 Pampa Sleddog Race


August 2010

05.-07.12.2009 Pampa Sleddog Race

Geronimo with Maya


Clubmatch Alaskan Malamute Club Netherland 28.Juni 2009

Offene Klasse, second place

2 years old masculine male. Very good head with correct details. Scissor bite, excellent topline, excellent underline.Strong bones, very strong in corpus. Very good angulation in front, very strong angulation in the rear. Powerful movement, Lovely temperament. Excellent

Richterin Andrea Eicher, Schweiz




Haidmühle, Dezember 2008

07.Dezember 2008, Pampa-Rennen / Belgien



Judge Mrs. Pat Putman (USA)

Good dark correct eye, back skull narrow, good rear angulation, compact good type, good drive, reach powerfull, narrow front.

Ex 2 youth class


   mit Storm

August 2008


AMCB Clubshow 2007 Brasschaat 15.09.2007, Judge: Marie Marušková (CZ)


September 2007


...die ersten Bilder in seinem neuen Zuhause