means : Butterfly from a beautiful place

Sno Quest's A Dream Come True  x  Do Whisper My Name of Kiyara's Wolf Pak

HD-A1, letzte Augenuntersuchung Oktober 2012

My heart is full of pain, my eyes full of tears. I lost a big part of my heart.


25.04.2005 – 06.04.2018

She was the daughter of my beloved Willow and Whisper.

I'm so thankful for the time she was my soul mate and I  a part of her life. Kim was very special, she was tolerant, easy to handle and such a kind girl and had the desire to please everybody.

 She left a huge hole in my heart when she left - but she also left me more than thousand memories  that I would never trade

 Farewell my beauty

Collage © Wolfline


Zuchtzulassung  am 28.04.07 in Herborn ( Richter Rudi Hardtmann)

Widerrist 58cm, Rumpflänge 45cm, Brustumfang 75cm

HD A1, Augen frei

Ruhige ausgeglichene Hündin von guter Größe und Länge. Kräftig gebaut und sehr gut bemuskelt. Femininer Kopf, sehr gut im Typ, dunkelbraune, gut eingesetzte Augen, Ohren gut angesetzt und getragen. Kräftiger Hals, sehr gut bemuskelter, ebener Rücken, korrekte Rute. Sehr gut gewinkelte Vorder- und Hinterhand, gut geschlossene, rassetypische Pfoten. Frei in der Bewegung, mit gutem Schub aus der Hinterhand. Rassetypische Behaarung, gut pigmentiert.

-ZZL bis 04/2013 (vollendetes 8.LJ)-

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August 2014

March 2013 with her V-Litter, Sire Storm Kloud's Voice Of My Heart

Febuary 2013


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Dezember 2008



Oktober 2008



India + Kim

Dezember 2007


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März 2006


....die ersten Versuche mit unseren Oldies. v.l.n.r. Tye (10 ¾), Kim (8 Monate) und Rea (12 ½)




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09.Juli 2005


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Sno Quest's A Dream Come True

HD-A2, eyes clear

Storm Kloud's Rrising Market


CERF normal


Storm Kloud's Corner The Market


Storm Kloud's Keep The Win   HD-A2 Storm Kloud's Oomiak    HD normal
Storm Kloud's Ddawn In The North    HD normal
Storm Kloud's Hharmony   HD-A2 Storm Kloud's  Better Than Ever     HD-A2
Princess Nikkita Sno-Kloud HD-A
Storm Kloud's At It Again


Kiska's Sundance to Victory


Storm Kloud's Keep The Win   HD-A2
Kasaan's Storm Fortune O'Mine   HD-A2
Storm Kloud's Tabatha


Storm Kloud's Oomiak     HD normal
Storm Kloud's Ddawn In The North      HD normal
Storm Kloud's Mmy Lady Ava


Sno Shire's Slicker Than Ice

HD-A2, CERF: normal

Kasaan Atanik's Vvanilla Ice

HD-A2, CERF: normal

Storm Kloud's Fortune O' Kasaan    HD-A2
Kasaan's Eloquent Edition  HD-A2
Sno Shire's Paw Patent Pending


Sno Ridge Raisin Kane At Byeyo
Kasaan's She's A Sno Shire Pist'l    HD-A2, Cerf:normal
Akeela's Star Quest 'O Storm Kld


Storm Kloud's Qquest for Glory


Sno Kloud's Trust In Me   HD-A2
Desiree's Carrie 'O Storm Kloud   HD-A2
Storm Kloud's Illuvistar


Storm Kloud's R-Tic Sampson  HD-A2
Sno-Kloud's Moka of Storm Kloud   HD-A2
Do Whisper My Name of Kiyara's Wolf Pak


HD-A 1, eyes clear

Arctic Legend Albion's Track

HD-B2, eyes clear

Veralamal's Kotzebue Youko


Kotzebue Kadluk of Heritage  HD-A2 Ledgeland's Kotzebue Klyde
Chinook's Kotzebue Artic Char     HD-A1
Kotzebue Kyenne of Chinook Kotzebue Taku of Chinook HD-A1
Mesquite of Chinook  HD-A1
Aurora Borealis Chinook Nike Heritage KB Tribut of Chinook


Kotzebue Taku of Chinook HD-A1
Mesquite of Chinook  HD-A1
Cold Valley's Graceful-Layla


Shamrock's Shaman of Yukon
Cold Valley's Ewika
Runakuna of Keema's Wolf Pak


HD-A1, eyes clear

Storm Kloud's Ccyrus Rex Valae


Storm Kloud's Keep The Win  HD-A2 Storm Kloud's Oomiak    HD normal
Storm Kloud's Ddawn In The North   HD-normal
Sno Ridge's Special Sugarbear Yukon Kojak II
Bear Foot Ginger
Mackenzie of Keema's Wolf Pak Cold Valley's Gengiskan Cold Valley's Erasmu
Kara of Keema's Wolf Pak Kiss-Me-Again Del Lago Degli Orsi
Cold Valley's Ioghi-Myjoy

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