Ch.Baqou Arctica of Kiyara's Wolf Pak x Okkomut CV Kotzebue Wolfface

callname India


Collage © Wolfline

08.02.2002 - 11.08.2015

I lost the most beautiful girl I ever had. India had a fantastic temperament and was so easy going.  I'm so sorry that I had to sterilize her for health reasons in the young age, I'm sure she  would have been a great mother and I could say she will live on in her offspring.

She was my last daughter out of Wolfie  and Baqou. With India  ends a piece of my kennel history too. I would like to thank Chris Janelli Cold Valley Kennels for allowing us to have Wolfie, without him I would not have my E, G and I Litter.

 India crossed the Rainbow Bridge at the age of 13 years and 6 month to joins her parents and grandparents and the rest of my pack which is gone earlier. There are no words to say how much I loved her and how much she will be missed

 She had a long life, but somehow it's always too early

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Schweden, Januar 2004

"schau mir in die Augen Kleiner"

India und Iraluq's Ernutaq (Sohn von Winona und Wolfie)  Mai 2003


März 2003


India und Winona Tour Taunus 12. Januar 2003


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Grand Parents

G-Grand Parents



Okkomut CV Kotzebue Wolfface Miettas Magic Merlyn of Kaila Kaila's Spellbinder of Kioona Kioona's Chibouk of Kaila Inuit's Nikolai of Colcord
Kioona's Rockedy Ann of Cougar
Kioona's Kotzebue Anisette Tigara's Nordisch Kotze Tu
Kioona's Kotzebue Pan Troika
Mietta's Leather and Lace Brave Brody of Cordova Cordova's Brave Bruin
Cordova's Kotzebue Curlew
Cordova's Deja Vu of Mietta Rex von Winky
Cordova's M'S
Okkomut's Peaches Galore Ledgeland's Kotzebue Klyde Frostfield Kotzebue Kobuk Kioona Kotzebue Grip of Yukon
Frostfield Kotzebue Katrina
Frostfield Kotzebue Konnie Kotzebue Chandlar of Chinook
Frostfield Kotzebue Kashima
Apple Hill Asia Apple Hill Gossamer Ace Tigara's Nordisch Kotze Tu
Tigara's Betsy Blizzard
Apple Hill Chenango Inuit's Nikolai of Colcord
Tigara's Betsy Blizzard
Baqou Arctica of Kiyara's Wolf Pak Arctic Legend Albion's Track Veralamal's Kotzbue Youko

Kotzebue Kadluk of Heritage

Ledgeland's Kotzebue Klyde 

Chinook's Kotzebue Artic Char

Kotzebue Kyenne of Chinook 

Kotzebue Taku of Chinook 

Mesquite of Timook 

Aurora Borealis Chinook Nike

Heritage Kotzebue Tribut of Chinook 

Kotzebue Taku of Chinook

Mesquite of Timook 

Cold Valley's Gracefull Layla 

Shamrock's Shaman of Yukon 

Cold Valley's Ewika 

Runa Kuna of Keema's Wolf Pak Storm Kloud's Ccyrus Rex Valae

Storm Kloud's Keep the Win 

Storm Kloud's Oomiak 

Storm Kloud's Ddawn in the North 

Sno Ridge's Special Sugarbear

Yukon Kojak II

Bearfoot Ginger

Mackenzie of Keema's Wolf Pak

Cold Valley's Gengiskan 

Cold Valley's Erasmu 


Kara of Keema's Wolf Pak 

Kiss-Me-Again Del Lago Degli Orsi 

 Cold Valley's Ioghi Myjoy

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