Cattle Annie of Kiyara's Wolf Pak

 callname Chu'si (Hopi Snake Flower)

........Sie leistet nun Akimo Gesellschaft 

Anna Emmaline McDoulet, known as Cattle Annie (November 29, 1882 - November 7, 1978), was a young American outlaw  in the American Old West, most associated with Jennie Stevens, or Little Britches. Their exploits are known in part through the fictional film Cattle Annie and Little Britches (1981), directed by Lamont Johnson  and starring Amanda Plummer in her film debut as Cattle Annie, with Diane Lane as Little Britches. Cattle Annie and Little Britches were crack shots  with both pistol and rifle, but today they are mostly unknown outside of the film. Yet they were once among the most recognized names among outlaws in the Oklahoma and  Indian  territories, where they carried out their short-lived criminal ventures

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