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In 1992 our first Alaskan Malamute came to us from Belgium, his name was "Cold Valley's Qimukiyara". He was the one who gave us our kennelname " Of Kiyara's Wolf Pak". Due to him we learned to love the stubbornness and Independence of this breed , and he changed our lives completely. He made us see that an Alaskan Malamute is something quite different than other dogs. Gimuk left us for ever in december 2001, but he will always have a place in our hearts.
Our pack has developed in the meantime to ten Alaskan Malamuten and three Greenlanddogs. We work with our dogs with a trainingcart and Sled. Also we do shows in our own country and in foreign countries, and we participate in Tour activities from the Deutschen Club fur Nordische Hunden, and Deutsche Schlittenhundesportclub fur Langstrecken und Touren. Our dogs live at night in a kennel, next to our house , and during the day they are in  natural fenced yards with trees. For the safety of our other housemates, we only take two dogs at a time into the house, because our cats think that they have to defend their places in the kitchen and on the sofa, and really think that they can beat the Alaskan Malamute !
For the love and enthusiasm for this healthy and strong charactered Breed , we started breeding in 1996. Our dogs are checked for HD and eyes. In our choice for a studdog , we look for type, working-ablility, a good character and ofcourse a excellent health.
Our puppies grow up in the house for the first 4 or 5 weeks, for  proper development towards normal house living. After that they go outside into the pack for  good socialization with the other dogs.
For the socializing and for the big fun the puppies always have with visitors, we wish that the future puppy-owners will visit us often, as much as they can.When they are about 9 weeks old we give them to their new owners.
We are members of the FCI, DCNH, AMCA and SKNH.